London Civic Mappers

Connecting Londoners and  justMap have organised an event with Matt Scott, hosted by Newspeak House on March 27th 2018, about civic mapping and network building for a fair and inclusive London.
This event brought together London civic data collectors, mappers and network builders as well as community organisers interested in new approaches. We discussed in the workshop groups how mapping and network building tools can support cooperation between communities, organisations and citizens working for a fair and inclusive London.
At the end of the session, we discussed how we can support a network or Community of Practice so we can continue to learn together and build up some cooperations. We had an informal workshop on this issue (see description)
Below is a visualisation extract of this potential Community of Practice of London civic mappers around 4 complementary objectives and 4 necessary skills or know-hows.

Link to the complete poster on the London civic mappers CoP.

See also the map that Connecting Londoners have started mapping invited people to the event.

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