existing datasets and mappers

We discovered that many initiatives similar to the Just Place map already exist. 
We will try to aggregate these data and collaborate with the actors behind these initiatives.
Please contact us if you know more datasets or if you want to collaborate actively.

Here is below a map in progress of different groups in London interested in mapping and citizen participation.

Would it be possible for these groups to work on a common platform 
as does Open Street Map ?

OSM (Open Street Map) collects only geographical data, some physical and visible feature that can be confirmed by any other mapper that can go on site to assess the data validity.
How to build a common platform for London to gather data from citizen on social life and not only geographical ?
How to create filters and tags as in OSM so it would be possible to extract specific visualisation on specific topics ?
How to moderate such a community as it is successfully done in OSM ?

Interviews of the London mappers community :
This first inventory presented above will be continued and interviews will be conducted with most of these mappers. It would be very interesting to organise a seminar with some of them thanks to the Bartlett or the LivingMaps group perhaps on the 22nd of June (tbc).
The interviews would focus on the 5 following points

WHY: why are you interested in collaborative mapping or grass root data ? what are your objectives ? what are the values that support your approach ?

WHAT: what are you mapping today? what would you also like to map in the future?

HOW1: Technique ? What technique are you using today ? What are the limits and how would you like to evolve ? What could be the model for the future platform ? OSM ? Another idea ?
What filters and tags to create for this broad grass-root database so it would be possible to extract specific visualisations on specific topics useful for planning?

HOW2: Interface ? What interface (relationships with participants and maps visualisations) are you using today ? What are the limits and how would you like to evolve ? What could be the model for the future platform ?

HOW3: Governance ? Are you confronted to this issue ? What could be the model for the future platform ? OSM? Another idea ? Do you know other groups or categories that should be add to the London mappers diagram ?

References for London mappers diagram
Citizen mapping approaches
Common Place
Mapping for Change
Map Local
Just Place
Creative Citizen Project
ExciteS and Christian Nold

Open Street Map

Maps and data on communities
Barnet boroug, The Young Foundation
Locality / DCLG, Community Rights
Find your London festival

Maps and data on housing campaigns
Radical Housing Network
Concrete Action
Martine Drozdz

General London mapping
Mapping London blog
London DataStore
CASA (Bartlett)

Planners interested in metropolitan citizen participation
Just Space
J. Till, Spatial Agencies
The Bartlett School
        School of Planning
        Development Planning Unit
        School of Architecture

Playful or not technical (mapping approaches or similar)
Londoners the game
UPS treasure hunt
The Island, Stephen Walter

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