Last News

Progress on the 6 work avenues 
since the meeting on October 28th 2016

December 9th of 2016

1-Data and maintenance :
The map contains now almost 250 data including :
- 50 bubbling campaigns for community spaces under threat
- more than 20 relay groups who offer different types of support to counter this threat

2- Workshops :
We had a self-mapping stall in the Land for What? event on November 12th and 13th. The event was really inspiring and optimistic. Many people motivated for true changing and with brilliant ideas about how to take back progressively the land from capitalist commodification and build up a common.

Thanks to this 6th workshop we collected 20 more data and made several interesting contacts.
A group was created after the event to work on “Who owns England?”. Since that we had a meeting and JustMap will work on “Who owns London?”. The idea is to start with mapping first the public properties across London. More informations will come soon.

Contacts have been made with different community groups who are interesting in local community mapping : Deptford, Silvertown and North Woolwich, Tottenham and Ilford. Probably some workshops will soon be organised with some of these communities.

3- Visualisations :
We have now a map online focused on community assets under threatour short term objective .

We started to work on classifications for the spaces under threat and we retained for the moment 5 large categories :
  • community hubs (venues, community centres, pubs, playgrounds ...)
  • building facilities (libraries, swimming pools ...)
  • local economy (street markets, retail, industrial estates ...)
  • ecology (green spaces, air and water pollution ...)
  • housing ( social housing, gentrification, travellers, landmarks ...)
We planned to organise a workshop after the New Year to work on these categories and with the objective to edit a poster on reclaimed spaces. Please tell us if you are interested so we can set a date.
It could also be the opportunity to create a very basic form online that people could very simply inform with other campaigns they know.

4- Interface :
No progress apart the publication of these last news on the website.

5- Platform technology :
We had the chance that a programmer, Adrian, got interested in JustMap. He has already written a script that could allow users to add point to the database (very basic for the moment). 
We are going to have a meeting next week with Muki Haklay from Mapping for Change to see if we could use their technology for JustMap and if we could collaborate given the fact that we are working on very similar issues.

6-JustMap community :

      Governance and charter :
We have now a synthetic presentation with clear objectives for short, mid and long terms 

      Fundings :
A call to LUSH should be done soon. They offer micro funding for collective projects.

      Partnerships and collaborations :
- We would like to include more data on housing campaigns on JustMap. We hope then to get soon in closer contact with Concrete Action, Radical Housing Network and Architects for Social Housing.

- Contacts have been made with Neighbourhoods which is a website supported by the Department for Communities and Local Government which provides access to open data for specific local areas.

- Contacts with the Urban Lab who works on a survey on LGBTQI nightlife in London including a mapping.

- Contacts with a group from DPU/Bartlett who work on assessing the GLA mapping platform online IMA

- Contact will be made with the London OpenStreetMap community on December 15th during their monthly pub event. 

- We will also contact Geomob London who organises an event on January 25th (regular event for London location based service developers).

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