Our Tottenham

A cooperation justMap / OurTottenham has started in the beginning of 2017.

Maps can be useful for OurTottenham if they can address one of these issues :
- awareness : information needs to be relatively correct, classified and hierarchised so the map sends a message and not only data.

- engagement : map includes web links towards campaigns and groups ; its aesthetic/design is attractive ; map is also mediatised with workshops and posters

- action : the map can be a tool of empowerment (give more visibility) ; it can be a strategic tool to build alliances and coordinate scattered campaigns.

With these objectives in mind, we are working at the moment on 4 projects of maps.
All are in progress therefore incomplete and with possible mistakes. Please let us know if you spot some.

1- Tottenham's sites of positive changes or of conflicts
Sites of community-led positive changes or of conflict visions between communities and Council or developers.

From data collected by the end of 2014 and quickly updated in March 2017. In progress ...

2- Tottenham's public and common assets
We just produced for now the first layer : Council Buildings and Land in Haringey.

It will be interesting to extend this map to other lands and buildings that can be considered as Commons. To identify our Commons for our Tottenham. What we need to defend and what can support a community-led vision.
Future layers could be : GLA properties (+ TfL, Police, Fire Brigade), Government properties (including Defense, NHS and other), highways, railways, churches, charities, other parks, other housing (association &+) ...

3- Tottenham's resources and potential for community planning
The idea is to map the resources, in a broad meaning, of Tottenham. The bricks that will be used to build a community-led vision and plan.
This project is difficult and ambitious and has not really started yet.

This project wants to map 3 types of elements :

- groups involved with their communities
- places that matters
- physical resources (buildings, land, water, technology ...)
- history as a resource (landmarks, events, past successful community-led actions ...)

- problems
- projects / ideas to address problems

+ BEYOND TOTTENHAM : major part of the "planing game" is also constrained by funding resource and policies framework. They are more complicated to address because they came from beyond bigger territories (London, UK, Europe).

With these 3 types of elements, the map is transformed in a kind of game board, a tool  for Tottenham communities to experiment different scenarios and to build their vision and strategies. 
This project is quite ambitious because it needs working resource and several mapping workshops. It would be interesting to organise a first workshop during an important community event or neighbourhood festival.
It would also be wiser to start this work with a specific Tottenham's area, as Northumberland Park area for example.
An association with universities would be helpful to get the support from students.

4- Tottenham's mapping library :
The idea here is to compile whatever mapping information we can collect on Tottenham.

About 2 years ago a mapping of different elements has been made with the support of UCL students and teachers. Three maps can already be consulted online.

A.  Map of Tottenham public services:

B.  Map of Tottenham community facilities:

C.  Map of Tottenham housing estates:

A lot of this data is already in OpenStreetMap. It would be interesting to get in touch with some mappers of this community and tell them about our mapping projects.

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