Metropolitan Civic School

This is for the moment only a model. But let's try to make it real.

With a small group of engaged practitioners, community organisers and Ma/PhD students we are starting contacting and mapping the different community groups who would be interested to share knowledge through such a platform.
We also want to map the different university courses and practitioners already collaborating with London community groups.

And let's make visible all the groups, teachers and practitioners in London who are calling for such a Civic School.

Then let's find later the few necessary fundings to coordinate and animate the platform.

See here a more detailed poster with a short description.

Here a description of a workshop we ran during an event on March 27th 2018

Here a coming event on May 8th and 9th 2018 organised by The Bartlett School of Architecture and Sol-Perez.

Here a link to a case study : Granville community centre and South Kilburn community. The different challenges they need to address and the types of support they would need.

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