Mapping for community-led planning and a fairer London.
JustMap is an ongoing collaborative map based on public workshops organised at neighbourhood festivals or specific community events.

Its goal is to highlight communities assets and projects, connect actors campaigning for a fairer London and identify strategic cooperations.

 PDF 4 pages presentation
updated on March 8th 2017

Link for the full screen map
Here above the visualisation focuses on community spaces under threat. It has been produced in partnership with Reclaim Our Spaces.
Find other types of visualisations here

The maps's goal is triple :
- to give more visibility to actors and communities acting for more inclusion and citizen participation in London.
- to possibly create networks (metropolitan and local) for collective actions for a fairer London and sharing knowledge on how to do it.
- to produce a wide range of local datasets on public spaces and neighbourhood life in general essential to community planning.

The project is just starting.
The 250 represented dots result from 9 public workshops and the aggregation of a few datasets.

We wish to go on this work through more workshops and datasets aggregation.
The objective is to create a common interactive platform so anyone interested could add data to the map or comment/update data posted by others.
This project can only be run collectively engaging many different specific skills. Please join us to make visible and connect those committed for a fairer London.

Please contact us if you are interested to participate
or invite us to organise a workshop with members
of your community or for a specific public event.

This project is initiated by :
Reclaim Our Spaces coalition

Just Space

Living Maps


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